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Mara presents Typo the new collection designed by AMDL CIRCLE

artikkelikuva: Mara presents Typo the new collection designed by AMDL CIRCLE

Typo chair is available in natural oak, walnut, black stained natural beech but also in a special Limited Edition, in collaboration with Alpi Wood.
Photo: Nava Rapacchietta.

For the first time Mara collaborates with AMDL CIRCLE, the studio founded by Michele De Lucchi. The outcome is a dynamic seating collection full of harmonious contrasts, the result of a calibrated technical experimentation.

“By making mistakes you learn, as they rightly say, and you don't suffer the paralysis of those who are afraid to try something new and uselessly wait until they know how to swim before entering the water.”
- Michele De Lucchi.

Summed up here, in the statement of architect and creative genius Michele De Lucchi, is the key to understanding the design from which comes Typo, Mara new chair designed by AMDL CIRCLE, the studio founded by the architect. Typo, as a typing error, almost an accidental mistake. Instead, the nature of this piece of furniture is the result of a calibrated experimentation, and what, at first glance, might appear to be a flaw, is featuring its distinctive design.

Mara Srl
Michele De Lucchi and the team of AMDL CIRCLE.
Photo: Mattia Pagani.

From this first collaboration between Mara and AMDL CIRCLE, that sees them united on the research front, it emerges the urge to "try the new", to find new forms fostering the design to promote well-being and to generate evolution. This mission has been achieved with Typo, which redefines the archetype of the office chair on castors.

Soft lines design the backrest and seat, both in wood, and counterpoise the vigorous angularity of the metal structure, shaping a dynamic silhouette, a synthesis of contrasts - in terms of lines as well as of materials. On the one hand, wood, ductile and warm, namely AMDL CIRCLE's material of choice; on the other hand, metal, part of Mara DNA, a sturdy and malleable material that, like facing a new challenge, the company learned to work with superlative manufacturing skills.

Two materials that not only have a strong identity, but are also extremely sustainable and recyclable at the end of their lives.

It is precisely in the metal structure that the focal point of Typo design lies. Starting from the study of how to bend steel profiles, through an unconventional finetuning it was achieved an unprecedented effect: by bending a square-section steel tube along the diagonal, the material deforms, curling and sharply creasing. This detail generates the intentional and sought-after 'error' that is the soul of the project.

"A mistake, which together with Mara - whom we share with a constant drive for innovation - we managed to keep controlled, through a carefully refined technique that generates it, so to guarantee a mass production of the object," says the AMDL CIRCLE project team.

Mara Srl
Photo: Nava Rapacchietta.


Playing on material contrasts, a soft, textile detail has been added, a regenerated cotton strip that comes out of the structure, as a characterising but even more functional finesse: thanks to this hook, connected to an inserted mechanism in the square tube, it is in fact possible to adjust the height of the backrest.

Thanks to these aesthetic, material and design features, the Typo collection – comprising a chair and a stool - lends itself to furnishing a multiplicity of contexts: the office world, where it fits in with functionality and ergonomics; the heterogeneous hospitality dimension, which it aligns with through extreme versatility and original appeal; and residential contexts, increasingly open to hybrid and dynamic design.

Typo thus becomes a place of work as well as of meeting, conviviality and even relaxation at any time. Its expressive possibilities are therefore infinite and sublimated into a fascinating result like the special Limited Edition unveiled at the Salone del Mobile.Milano.

The collaboration with AMDL CIRCLE is a new and exclusive milestone in the growth and consolidation of Mara brand. The company can number the studio among the shortlist of its international creatives and this in fact marks the achievement of a significant goal in the design development of the brand: an opportunity for research, innovation, but also for comparison and relationship. All that to broaden the perspectives of Mara design and to achieve surprising results.

Innovative and design furniture for office and contract.

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